Prayer of Wealth

know God is the Source of all supply, and Wealth is the Source in action, and is to be used to sow goodness throughout the Universe.I know my good is now freely flowing to me so bountifully I cannot use it all, and I have an abundance to spare and to share, today, and always. I know that Wealth comes in many forms.  I  Am expecting “Unexpected Wealth” in all of its forms. My finances are Whole.  My body is Whole. My mind is Whole. My spirit is Whole. My relationship are Whole. My Life is Whole. I know that the Creator has always provided for me, I now recognize it, acknowledge it and I know God is giving this to me and I accept this as Truth and give thanks with a sincere and grateful heart. Ashe. All channels of Wealthy supply are now open to me and I am richly, bountifully and beautifully prospered in every good way. I know that true Wealth includes right relationships, optimum health, patience, grace, clean air and water, healthy environments, happiness, understanding, wisdom, love, peace, joy and prosperity.

This I speak in Faith and my knowing now activates the law of increased Universal good for me, my friends and my enemies and I expect to see wealth and abundance in Our Lives, this day, right Now. I claim and accept it. Thank YOU Creator, for it is Universal Law; ask and ye shall receive – for if we ask not we have not.  We have knocked and the door shall be opened. I Am grateful for all You have already given, I bless All that I already have and give praise and thanksgiving for it.  I bless the increase and I Am thankful for the true Spirit of Wealth showing up in my Life. Thank you for Unexpected Wealth for us All for I know that we are now prospering together in every good way and we share the good we receive. Strengthen us that we may Become great Stewards of the Earth sowing Love, Peace and Goodness abound. I now freely give my BEST to the Universe in thought, in deed and in word. I let go and allow Universal Goodness to transcend, through me, into the World. God gives to me rich financial, physical, mental and spiritual blessings right Now. Thank you God. And so It Is.